how may I serve you?

change your thinking. change your life. make life amazing.

inspired speaker

with a compelling story of personal transformation, and over 25 years of diverse life experience, I relate my stories to your circumstances and requirements.

this leads to inspiration, motivation and change at a personal or organisational level.

wakeup coach

you have dreams and goals locked inside. they have probably been there for some time, latent, stagnant, slowly forgotten as the years rolled by.

work with me to rediscover those ambitions, to wake up to your own potential, and to take the steps to make your life amazing.

 why work with me?

why work with me?

I am just an ordinary guy, I possess no particular special skills that are not found in anyone else. I have limited athletic ability, and for many years (decades) I allowed those facts to limit what I believed to be possible.

The moment I changed my thinking, I started on my own journey of discovering that not only was I capable of far more than I had allowed myself to believe, but that truly anything was and is possible.

From being an obese, inactive middle-aged drinker and smoker, with a high risk of suffering a heart attack, I became an ultra-marathon runner who walked and ran over 5000km across Australia. It is my passionate and wholehearted desire to help YOU make similar discoveries and changes in YOUR life.

I will show you that you can change your thinking, and in doing so you can change your life, and you can reach for and achieve the amazing life you always dreamed of.

what people are saying

"success is created by taking a series of small steps towards great achievements"

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  • not feeling flat anymore

    the title for this post has a double meaning. firstly it’s a reflection of how I am feeling, how re-energised and excited I am to be mixing up the training. I’ve obviously recovered from the ultra, and am now enjoying doing (much) shorter sessions, running relatively little, and giving swimming and cycling a go. the swimming […]

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    i am not a fish

    yesterday and today are two very contrasting days; last night saw me in my comfort zone, a club running session at Perry Lakes involving a warm-up, stretching, drills and then a 2km time trial (which will act as a benchmark for later in the course). with the “3 steps” still in my legs, the time […]

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  • snakes, ladders and bricks

    so just over a week ago I started the 10 week novice course with the Perth Triathlon Club – this marked the start of a new phase in training, new goals and a new chapter in my personal story. I have to say that so far I am really loving it. we haven’t had a swim […]

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    new beginnings

    it’s funny how things come together and work out; just the other day I was talking about how this amazing adventure started five years ago, and prior to that, talking about how triathlon training, and ultimately completing a triathlon, was part of the next phase. well, training starts tomorrow, with session 1 of the Perth […]

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  • five years

    when I headed down to Australind on Friday, when we set up the “Hearts Across Australia” base camp, when I went to the registration desk and got my race bib… I was completely oblivious to an amazing fact. on the 20th January 2012, exactly 5 years before, I put this site and the Facebook page online (under the name “no […]

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    and now for my next trick…

    so the dust is beginning to settle, and the legs are beginning to function again… and as is usually the case after an event or milestone, the brain is working overtime… where to next? what’s the next challenge? well the fact is, what happens next has been on my thoughts for quite a while. even […]

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  • why do we do it?

    Yesterday, I took part in the Australia Day Ultra down at Australind. It’s the third year for this event, and my third year being part of it. Today I am sore, tired, struggling to walk normally and feeling sun-kissed and weathered… It was the culmination of 32 weeks of training; 32 weeks working towards the […]

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    the final countdown

    Looks like the final weeks of training are determined to contribute to ultra-maranoia… this week (week 29) started with a missed training session yesterday. Fortunately it was “only” a 4km run, so not a huge loss in terms of kms, but the reason for it was aches, pains and a slight temperature… The good news […]

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  • week 28 ends

    so Christmas week was a bit of a mixed bag – after taking a tumble on Wednesday, I skipped training on Thursday due to the after-effects of the stack (that familiar battered feeling). Then on Christmas Eve, the plan was to run from Canning River to Shelley Foreshore and back, then run Canning River parkrun […]

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    traditional pre-event stack

    I wasn’t really looking forward to today’s training, but once I started running i actually felt surprisingly good; the legs were still a little tired from the weekend, but overall I didn’t feel too bad at all! The tiredness probably helped contribute to what I have taken to calling my “traditional pre-big-event stack”. I fell […]

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