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Eat your own dog food

The concept of “eating your own dog food” entered my life many years ago. No, not when I was a young kid, literally eating out of a pet’s bowl, but rather as a young software developer learning the value of consuming your own products.

Indeed, the industry is full of examples of products that exist simply because someone had a problem and they coded their way out of it. Think about it, would you rush to buy HR software from a company that doesn’t use that software in their own operations?

That’s how I got involved in the online business education and training world. Wanting to revisit some of my past ideas, and to create something sustainable and long-lasting, I began a whirlwind voyage into an area that I’d mostly only scratched the surface of before.

In fairness, and in my defence, that was a world where I’d found plenty of snake oil and empty promises in years gone by. Besides which, I know the tech stuff, so it isn’t that hard, right?

Well, sort of, but it’s definitely easier with the right knowledge, and a route map or framework to guide the way. It certainly feels that way to me, and having more of a clue about the business side of things, allied with some updates to my tech experience, has given a real lift to my entrepreneurial endeavours 🙂

How about you? Is it marketing, tech, or something of both columns A and B that causes you the most concern?

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